5 Safety Tips for Wheelchair Patients

September, 22, 2022

Wheelchairs are great mobility equipment for peoplewith debilitating injuries or chronic illness. They provide freedom,convenience and comfort to move around without waiting for someones help.Using a wheelchair is easy, but requires a little practice to maneuver andbecome a pro in it.

However, nothing comes foolproof. When wheelchairs arenot properly maintained or used, accidents can happen. Therefore, you shouldconsider safety measures while operating a wheelchair.

We have pulled together a few tips to preventwheelchair falls and accidents. Make sure to follow whatever youre using -manual, electric or a wheelchair bariatric:

Be Aware of the Center of Gravity

There are numerous activities requiring wheelchairusers to move forward, bend and move in and out of the wheelchair. Thesemovements will change the center-of-gravity and overall weight distribution ofthe user. Therefore, it is better to find a proper position to maintainstability and balance during different activities.

Make Proper Use of Brakes

You also use brakes while parking your car. Same isthe case with a wheelchair. The brakes are designed to prevent unexpectedaccidents. Always lock your wheelchairs brakes before getting in and out ofit. Never attempt to exit the wheelchair without putting on the brakes. Thissimple safety tip will prevent you from unnecessary tipping and falling off thewheelchair.

Watch Out for Staircases and Bumps

Staircases are a big no - for wheelchair patients.Avoid going down a flight of stairs in a wheelchair. The bumps or tractionissues can cause serious injuries or even death. Also, stay away from deepinclines and slopes. You may lose your control over your ride. Never try toattempt this stunt. Instead, get help from those around you or use an elevatorin such a case. Afterall, your safety is our paramount priority.

Make Sure to Inspect the Tyres

Just like a cars tyres, your wheelchair tyres couldalso get flat or torn. You should never neglect this and always get it repairedtimely. Be careful to look for treads too. If the treads are worn out, yourtyres will become slippery.

Another consideration: make sure your wheelchairtyres are properly fastened on. If you have removed them to mend, lookcarefully that they are properly installed and secured.

Check the Frame of the Wheelchair

Wheelchair frame also needs attention that it is fixedand in good condition. Look out for any bolts and screews, and make sure eachpart is intact. Your backrest may get loose with time and constantly leanagainst it. This could be unsafe for your posture too.

Therefore, it is important to constantly inspect yourwheelchair. Make sure that it is in good operating condition. A bit ofexamination, repair and initial care can prevent you from any emergencies.

Concluding Lines

Lastly, it is always worth it to follow these tips andpreventive care for your wheelchair. This will not only minimize your risks ofinjuries, but will also save your time and money. Pro tip: while using a chairas a rider or a caregiver, use your common sense. If something does not soundgood, it probably isnt. Watch out for the cues and defensive suggestions.


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