Non Emergency Medical Transportation Vs Ambulance - Whats the Difference

September, 22, 2022

What pops up in your mind when you think of medical transportation - probably "ambulance"? Ambulances do come in handy when you have an urgent and critical need to see a doctor. However, there are many instances where transportation is necessary but does not fit the description of urgent and critical. Have you heard of the "non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) service"? Many often confuse this term with ambulance, thinking of both serving the same purpose. Actually, this is not always true. Although both medical transportation types are designed to move patients from one place to another, there are significant differences.

An ambulance is intended to be called for emergencies. For example, if you need an immediate pick-up and drop-off to the hospital, you call for the ambulance. Ambulances are expected to arrive as fast as possible and have all the necessary equipment to cater to the patient's emergency needs. They also have trained medical responders who report to the hospital for further treatment.

Non-emergency medical transportation, or NEMT, is not intended to be used in emergency situations. NEMT trips are generally scheduled in advance for any medical appointments under circumstances that are necessary but not life-threatening. NEMT services can include rides for non emergency medical transport service, non-emergency wheelchair transportation, non-urgent medical transportation, hospital discharge from surgeries/procedures, and non-emergency mental wellness visits.

The distinction between an emergency vehicle, i.e., an ambulance, and medical non-emergency transportation involves urgency. At the point when crisis help is called, an emergency transport service shows up and moves a harmed or sick individual to the hospital as fast as possible. Generally speaking, NEMTs are planned in advance and do not need a fast response time and sirens for emergency situations. NEMT is for individuals who need assistance moving from one healthcare facility to another.

An ambulance will get the patient that is in critical condition when they are in a medical emergency. The aid will arrive quickly, and individuals handling the patient will be trained and equipped to do everything possible to save the patient's life. We call for emergency vehicles and staff when someone you come across is in a scenario such as a heart attack, stroke, unexpected critical injury, or any health-related condition that needs immediate medical care and treatment.

In an urgent situation that does not require any appointment or prior approval, you may opt for ambulance transportation. Notwithstanding, it is more costly to call for an emergency medical transport service.

When non-emergency transport service is selected, since this kind of transport doesn't manage crises, it does require booking with the pick-up and drop-off locations, the date, the time of the appointment, and basic patient information. This sort of transportation might be necessary in situations where the patient is unable to drive themselves and has no one else available to take them to the healthcare facility. The special care and vehicle accommodations that the patient requires will be provided, so that the well-being of the patient is at the forefront of the ride.

Patients that are moved through NEMT services will probably not have a dangerous disorder; instead, they might require a stretcher, wheelchair, or be unable to sit in a standard vehicle seat. In addition, NEMT vehicles ensure sufficient room for an attendant to ride along with the patient for further assistance and peace of mind.

Finding the exemplary NEMT service calls for some investigation. The transportation provider needs to have all credentialed drivers that are trained to accommodate the patients needs. Another check a patient should do is research the customer reviews on the app or website. Lastly, the vehicle options should be accessible for review, and the staff should respond to inquiries before booking an appointment. Quality is the key. Not all NEMTs are similar, and having the right non-emergency medical transport service for the patient is crucial. You can always book Safr Care service for your comprehensive, convenient and compassionate medical non-emergency needs.


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