What are the Advantages of using Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

September, 19, 2022

It is said that "health iswealth," and we believe it. Having everything and yet dealing with illnessis a scary matter. People come across mobility issues, memory loss, fragilebones, and other health issues as they grow older. This is the stage where we'dlike to ensure quality healthcare services for our loved ones. This includesovercoming the transportation challenges to and from their medicalappointments. SafrCare services come into play as these challenges arise.

Non-EmergencyMedical Transportation (NEMT) Explained

You may be wondering what precisely isnon-emergency medical transportation?. NEMT is the ideal answer for people whocannot drive, yet need safe transportation to and from healthcarefacilities. By using NEMT's, patientscan rely on transportation without having to ask for help from family membersor friends.

NEMT is a surprising answer for manypeople, including individuals that have ongoing wounds or have undergone amedical procedure, those requiring exercise-based recovery or restoration.Additionally, NEMT is an answer for anyone that needs dependable transportationto clinical appointments. NEMT is also acost-effective way for hospitals to discharge patients needing transportationassistance.

Non-EmergencyMedi Transport Service

Non-emergency transport services can bea valuable resource for people that require medical consideration, but don'thave a timely supply for the necessary mode of transportation. Thenon-emergency medical vehicles provided by Safr Care's vast array of resourcesallows patients' opportunities not otherwise available from the usual methods for going to medicalclinics or facilities. What are the reasons why people increasingly choosenon-emergency medi transport services?

Servicesare Accessible & Convenient

Numerous people that regularly visit ahealthcare professional require a unique transportation provider. Safr care is beneficial to anyone withmobility issues, as our transport service can be customized to the physicalneed requirements of the patient.

Safr Care only uses transportationproviders that employ credentialed drivers. In addition, these vehicles are equipped for transporting wheelchairs,and other versatile and accessible,permitting patients to go to their appointments timely and safely.

Servicesare Safe with Trained Staff On-board

The cutting-edge nature of NEMT drivesto the point that the vehicles have quality parts.Moreover, many of the Safr Caredependable NEMT experts have functioned as attendants, nurses, and drivers. TheSafr Care family of drivers commonly have the latest expert accreditations andare progressing to keep up with their above-expectations capabilities.

Servicesare both Affordable and Peaceful

There are various medical transportservices with many alternative price ranges. Compared with customary NEMTsolutions, Safr Care offers a patient-centric experience at an affordableprice. Choosing a transportationprovider can be challenging for people with weaknesses or medical issues.Traveling with the overall population is never a simple task for many types ofriders and therefore not an ideal option. Some patients feel awkward orrestless if they are in a mode of transportation, such as public transit, thatdoes not provide for helping people with medical needs. After considering theadvantages of a non-emergency medical transportation service like Safr Care,utilizing NEMT provides valid justification and peace of mind.

Servicesare Timely and Equipped

By using non-crisis clinicaltransportation thru Safr Care, transport can be advantageously planned, whichresults in getting patients to healthcare appointments on time.Making it to appointments andon time increases overall health outcomes for all. Moreover, Safr Caretransportation vehicles will oblige disabled patients and their wheelchairs,rollators, or walkers. Cot (stretcher) transport is likewise accessible on anas-available basis.


Safr Care Transport is a non-emergencymedical transportation service, dealing with patients that are unable to drivethemselves to and from the healthcare facility destinations, both on time andin a safe environment for the well-being of the rider. Each driver is smoke,liquor and medication-free, with the highest level of background checks on aregular basis. In addition, thecredentialed drivers are all trained in CPR, First-Aid, and wheelchairsecurement. They must pass defensivedriving class prior to their first trip. Finally, drivers are trained in passenger-assisted-services (PAS) thatincludes walking patients into the doors, helping with stairs, etc. Lastly,Safr Care vehicles may be equipped to screen drivers with driver observingframeworks that guarantee appropriate conventions and well-being prerequisitesare followed. Safr Care strives toprovide every patient with peace of mind for their transportation needs.


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

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