Insurance Providers for Medical Non Emergency Transport

integrating insurance providers with Safr Care software reduces costs with eligibility verification, pre-authorization, and billing.


Insurance Coverage Eligibility Verification

Insurance providers can save on logistics and scale without adding headcount by utilizing Safr Care software. Safr Care software automates the patient eligibility verification process. Together, we reimagine processes to accelerate transformation and grow our businesses together.

Coverage Eligibility

Patients can check if their insurance offers coverage for medical non emergency transport services through Safr’s rider app, available on both Android and IOS stores.

medical non emergency transport

“Since connecting with Safr Care software, our company has increased efficiency and no longer has to spend countless hours on the phone. Being able to verify patient eligibility through an automated process has been such a blessing.”
Laurie B.

Credit Card Payments

Insurance providers can manage credit card payments through our payment gateway integration. Corporate, as well as individual payments, are managed through a single portal that allows the insurers to efficiently handle operations.

Billing and Reconciliation

Safr Care takes care of insurance eligibility checks, pre-authorization, and billing. Safr Care manages complex transactions so that patients can focus on what matters: their health. Safr Care’s system reduces administrative costs and prevents fraud, waste, and abuse by flagging ineligible rides and recognizing incomplete claims or incorrect rates.

We are launching Safr Care to empower insurance providers like you through increased revenue, improved efficiency, and reduced operating costs. Want an exclusive invite to use the Safr Care platform 100% risk-free at no cost?