Streamline Your Medi Transport Service Service Operations

Join Safr Care’s network of experienced and passionate medi transport service providers and wheelchair transportation assistance experts providing high-quality on-demand non-emergency medical transportation. Transportation providers are an invaluable keystone to patients and healthcare providers alike, breaking down the barriers to accessible care and helping reduce costly no-shows and operational inefficiencies for facilities.


Safr Care’s powerful technology platform offers powerful tools to monitor, automate, and improve your business operations and help address the industry’s most important challenges.

Insurance Coverage Eligibility

Safr Care’s platform is connected with more than 4500 payors to allow easy insurance coverage eligibility verification. Patients can check if their insurance offers coverage for non-emergency medical transportation services through Safr’s rider app, available on both Android and IOS stores.

Credit Card Payments

Self-paying patients can easily manage requests for transportation to medical appointments through our secure payment gateway, making requesting non-emergency medical rides more user-friendly and accessible than ever before.

medi transport service

“We save lives by using Safr Care medi transport service (NEMT) software. Before Safr Care, we were using Excel spreadsheets to manually dispatch NEMT rides. Our drivers were carrying sign-off sheets to prove that the patient was transported. Moreover, our drivers were logging their work time on old-fashioned timesheets. Now that we use Safr Care, our drivers are getting the ultimate experience and can focus everything on the patient. Our drivers are so happy because taking care of a patient in need of healthcare is the rewarding part of the job. Also, with Safr Care, we’ve been able to greatly reduce human error, as the software enhances the reliability of our data. The Safr Care workforce makes us feel like family. Safr Care understands our environment and shares in the goal of improving health for patients across every community.”
Mike S.

EZ Billing Software

Safr Care takes care of insurance eligibility checks, pre-authorization, and billing. Safr Care manages complex transactions with payors and streamlines future transactions by securely storing payment information.  The billing system provides turn-key service, increasing the time TP’s can spend increasing their business.

Broker Integration & Batch Uploads

Safr Care is compatible with most leading industry brokers allowing for easy integration with transportation providers existing workflows. Batch uploads work with multiple formats most used by brokers.

Ride Pooling

Save money for clients while improving operational efficiency. Multiloading wherever possible saves time, reduces fuel use, and makes use of maximum vehicle passenger capacity.

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Driver and Vehicle Management

Manage your fleet and your drivers. Keep your vehicles up to standard by tracking regular maintenance events, and review driver performance through Safr Care’s dashboard to review activity, missed ride rate, star rating, and other key ride quality indicators.

Auto Dispatch

Safr Care can automatically consider location, ride and vehicle requirements, and driver availability to match ride requests to the drivers with necessary skills and schedule rides to accommodate.

Real-time Monitoring

Through Safr Care’s easy to use platform, our transportation experts can message both patients and drivers to ensure they arrive safely and on time. Patients and their loved ones can easily monitor their in-ride experience through our radar feature.

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Safr Care removes the hassle of calling a broker and the cost of call center operations, circumventing human error with improved tracking and dispatch

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Operational Analytics

Safr Care’s comprehensive and easy to read dashboard offers immediate, to-the-minute data on rides, revenue, and total earnings. Generate reports and get a granular view of daily operations to help analyze congestion in service, improve efficiency, mitigate potential losses, and streamline your business.

New Revenue from Safr Care

By joining the Safr Care network, transportation providers gain access to transportation requests from other providers in our network who choose to share their excess rides through our Marketplace. Safr Care also improves coordination between the many healthcare organizations, insurance companies, and hospitals involved in patient care, and provides transportation providers the tools they need to improve and expand their services.

We are launching Safr Care to empower transport providers like you through increased revenue, improved efficiency, and reduced operating costs. Want an exclusive invite to use the Safr Care platform 100% risk-free at no cost?