Our platform gives transportation providers a powerful and essential boost for medical appointment transportation services

More than 98% of our medical appointment transportation services providers have noticed significant increase in their revenue and profitability.


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Fully Configurable Platform

We understand that every transportation provider is unique; therefore, we provide you a fully configurable transportation provider platform that allows you to create a technology powerhouse suited for you.

Receive Credit Cards and Private Insurances

Why limit your business with one sector when you can accept credit card payments and private insurances from new patients? Safr Care’s robust platform allows you to grow your business beyond your traditional Medicare/Medicaid focused medical appointment transportation services.

Sucess Story

Better Patient Care Transport

Pre-ride, in-ride and post-ride KPI monitoring is standard with the Safr Care platform. Our radar, patient and driver communication monitoring, continuous support and many other features allow medical transportation providers to offer higher level of patient care at all times.

Revolutionary Features

The complex business of medical appointment transportation services requires a platform that is built to meet their challenging needs. Safr Care offers a variety of innovative features from auto-dispatch to pool rides to cater to the unique needs of each transportation provider.

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Powerful Analytics

Keep an eye on every aspect of your business at all times with Safr Care’s analytics rich dashboards. We provide every user with a powerful set of business analytics to help keep your business in check. Drill down feature of our analytics allow you to get granular at your command.

Mo Money!

Your journey with Safr Care doesn’t end with the use of our platform. Safr Care industry wide integrations with powerful platforms gives you the opportunity to gain new business without any cost! A great deal indeed!

We are launching Safr Care to empower transport providers like you through increased revenue, improved efficiency, and reduced operating costs. Want an exclusive invite to use the Safr Care platform 100% risk-free at no cost?